Utility Scale Energy Storage System

Energy Storage

Phoventus was contracted by Recurrent Energy in order to provide engineering support in assessing the Energy Storage System (ESS) Integrators’ bids for the 45MW/180MWh Slate Project in Kings County, California. The quality and quantity of documents submitted by the bidders differed significantly. In addition, the level of conformance to the RFP was varied, and the underlying assumptions in each bid diverged from each other.


Procurement Support

• Vendor as well as technology evaluation
• Integrator bid review and scorecard
• Lithium-Ion, battery performance specifications
• Controller selection
• Warranty as well as remedy review
• System safety and ARC flash conformance
• System Design and modeling
• Grid interconnection specifications as well as engineering
• Electrical, instrumentation & controls
• Ramp Rate and C rate calculation
• Permit and ITC compliance
• Protections and control

Energy Storage System Engineering

• Modeling and System Design
• Engineering as well as Grid interconnection specifications
• Instrumentation, electrical & controls
• C rate calculation and Ramp Rate
• ITC compliance as well as Permit
• Control and protections

Phoventus is a fully licensed, and accredited Engineering firm with a global reputation for excellence in power systems engineering. Also, Canadian Power Engineers is the newest member of the family and a wholly-owned division of Phovetus Inc.