Phoventus Independent Engineering is a company that specializes in providing services for solar and battery energy storage projects. They offer independent engineering, due diligence, and technical advisory services to assist clients in evaluating and developing renewable energy projects.

Phoventus’ team of highly experienced engineers and experts provide comprehensive technical assessments, including feasibility studies, technology and equipment assessments, project design and optimization, performance modeling, and grid integration analysis. They also conduct site inspections, review project contracts and documents, and provide risk management and mitigation strategies.

For solar energy projects, Phoventus offers services such as solar resource assessment, energy yield analysis, and environmental assessments. They also provide technical due diligence for solar project acquisitions and perform project performance evaluations.

In the field of battery energy storage, Phoventus offers technical due diligence for evaluating and optimizing battery energy storage systems, including estimating system performance and costs, assessing battery technologies, and evaluating integration with renewable energy projects.

Overall, Phoventus Independent Engineering focuses on providing clients with reliable and expert technical knowledge and analysis to support the successful and efficient development of solar and battery energy storage projects.

BNEF,, stands for Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It is a research organization that provides insights and analysis on the global energy industry, with a specific focus on clean energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, and sustainable finance. BNEF offers market research, financial analysis, and industry newsto help organizations make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving energy sector.

Phoventus has participated in the BNEF tier one PV Module survey for 6 years.

“Phoventus was a pleasure to work with on the preliminary design of two utility scale ground-mounted solar projects in western Canada. Leveraging their significant industry experience, they provided quality project layouts and energy resource assessments on time and budget. We welcome the opportunity to work with Phoventus soon again. Thanks for all your great work!”
Kolja Vainstein,
P. Eng., Transparent Power Inc.