Power System Engineering and Interconnection
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ARC Flash Analysis and Site Inspection
We are professional, independent, and focused on delivering value-added results to your renewable power or transportation project.
EV Charging Infrastructure
EV Charging Engineering - Project Management and Interconnection services for your Fleet or Commercial vehicle
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EV System Engineering

EV Charging Infrastructure

  • High-Speed Charging.
  • System / Electrical Design.
  • EVSE Evaluation.
  • EV Charge Integration.
  • Grid Interconnection Studies.
  • Connection Impact Assessment (CIA).
  • Site Evaluations and Inspection.
  • Construction Supervision.
  • Owner’s Engineering.
  • Permit Drawing

Net Zero Power Engineering

Tomorrow’s technology.

  • Power Flow Studies.
  • Short Circuit Studies.
  • Protective Device Coordination Studies.
  • Arc Flash Studies.
  • Dynamic Stability & Power Quality Studies.
  • NERC Compliance.
  • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA).
  • Protective Device Selection.
  • Protection Scheme Design.
  • Sequence of Operation Design. 

Infrastructure Sectors

Transportation and NetZero

  • Commercial EV Fleet.
  • Mass Transit EV and Electrification.
  • Battery Energy Storage. 
  • Renewable Power and Solar.
  • Mining and Remote Power.
  • Microgrids and Net Zero Infrastructure.

Net Zero Transportation

EV Charging Infrastructure and Net Zero Power Engineering requires an entirely new infrastructure for our buildings, office, and factories. The days of one or two electric vehicles at any given location are giving way to the need to support fleets of EV. These new fleets are all connected to power systems designed for different purposes and capacities. Smart cost-effective techniques are required to avoid utility charges that undermine the investment in your Zero Emissions fleet, Condo, or commercial charge points.

“As part of its $10 billion Growth Plan, the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is committed to investing $1.5 billion in zero-emission buses. We will help create jobs, reduce greenhouse gases and make commutes cleaner. This will contribute to quality of life in communities. Today’s announcement of new government funding complements the CIB’s innovative financing and accelerates the opportunity for municipalities to collaborate with us and to switch to zero-emission buses.

Ehren Cory, CEO, Canada Infrastructure Bank

Net Zero Power Engineering
EV Charging Infrastructure

Electrical Design

Phoventus brings a compressive understanding of electrical power systems to your project. Decades of interconnection and substation design experience enhance our appreciation of Battery electric systems and renewable power project requirements and timelines. Protections and controls integration and utility interface for your Energy Storage, Solar Power, or Electrification project is a specialty.

Integrated electrical design technology is the key to successful Net Zero Power Engineering projects. The ability to integrate the civil/structural, low voltage, and distribution level voltage systems is critical. Decades of experience have proven the benefit of our approach. 

Owners Engineering.

We build on our passion for the expansion of renewable energy use and universal access to affordable electricity for all, ensuring we stay at the forefront of developments in renewable energy, storage and microgrid/off-grid technology, project development and finance, and environmental and energy policy, so our clients can be confident they are in safe hands.

Our project managers maintain consistent, clear, and timely communications with the clients’ Manager. We update the work’s progress and discuss any findings and developments that may require the Owners input. Frequent communication between all stakeholders is vital to maintaining the schedule and timely progress.  Communication protocols are established and maintained throughout the project timeline.


Excellence in power system engineering

Excellence in power engineering is the core of Phoventus. Our teams of dedicated engineers and consultants are committed to bringing the best possible outcome to your renewable power or Net Zero Power Engineering project.

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