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Renewable Power and Solar

Phoventus Canada provides a range of services in the renewable energy industry, including owners’ engineering, engineering and design, project management, construction monitoring, and more. Our team has worked on numerous solar power projects across Canada and has a deep understanding of the Canadian solar industry and regulatory landscape.

We offer comprehensive support to clients interested in implementing solar power in Canada, including feasibility studies, system design, permitting and grid interconnection assistance, project financing, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance services.

Our goal is to help clients achieve successful and sustainable solar power projects.

If you have any specific questions or require assistance with a solar power project in Canada, we are happy to discuss your needs and provide tailored solutions. Contact us to learn more about how Phoventus can support your solar power initiatives in Canada.


We serve our customers with insightful knowledge of technical, financial and regulatory affairs that impact the long-term viability of reenergizing solar projects, drawing on the vast experience of our team on renewable energy technology to navigate through the details and dependably support the project at all stages of development.

Solar power in Canada has been growing rapidly in recent years. Canada has vast solar energy potential, with abundant sunlight in many regions of the country. Here are some key points about solar power in Canada:

  1. Solar Photovoltaics (PV): Solar PV technology is Canada’s most common form of solar power. It involves converting sunlight directly into electricity using solar panels.
  2. Installed Capacity: As of 2021, Canada has over 5 GW of installed solar capacity, which has been steadily increasing. The majority of installations are located in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.
  3. Government Support: Various federal and provincial government incentives and policies support solar power development in Canada. These include feed-in tariffs, net-metering programs, grants, and tax incentives.
  4. Grid Integration: Solar power can be integrated into the grid either through residential and commercial net-metering programs, where excess energy is fed back into the grid, or large-scale utility-scale solar farms.
  5. Environmental Benefits: Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source, producing zero greenhouse gas emissions during operation. It helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to Canada’s efforts to combat climate change.
Forensic Investigation
  • Single Line Drawing and Bill of Material reconstruction
  • Surrogate component recommendations appraisal
  • Warranty review and remedy recommendation
  • Electrical Protection and control
  • Electrical Fault investigation and remedy
  • Component Obsolescence appraisal
  • Arc flash and Hazard study updates
  • Interconnection and fault compliance
  • Storage addendum engineering
  • Relay and Switchgear coordination
  • Energy production modelling ( Pvsyst etc… )
  • Electrical system modelling
  • Component Obsolescence appraisal
  • Electrical Engineering and Design
Operations Support
  • O&M Capital planning
  • Critical Spares and stocking studies
  • Component Failure forecasting
  • Arc Flash and Hazard Safety
  • Performance & Maintenance reviews
Renewable Power and Solar

Site Inspections & Repowering Solar

Phoventus is uniquely qualified to deliver your re-powering project. Our team of experienced engineers have helped deliver over 500 renewable energy projects to date.

We bring together an in-depth understanding of the current state of PV Module, Inverter, and interconnection engineering that directly translates to longstanding stability, profitability, and sustainability of your re-powered project.

”Rob and his team are among the best professional engineers that we have worked with in solar space. They provide timely advice and critical insight into design, procurement and development problems that reduce costs, reduce risk and move projects forward.”
Thomas J. Timmins
Gowling WLG

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