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Phoventus offers a range of services for battery, energy storage, solar, and related projects in the North American market. Our scope of work spans the entire project lifecycle, starting from early feasibility assessments, general arrangements, and layouts, all the way through to construction and project completion.

One of our main areas of expertise is providing owners engineering services, where we support project owners throughout the development and construction process. This includes conducting comprehensive reviews of engineering packages and studies to ensure the project is technically sound and meets all necessary requirements.

We also assist in finalizing the project by issuing substantial and final completion certificates, confirming that the project has been successfully completed and meets all specifications.


Phoventus aims to provide thorough and reliable engineering services to help our clients successfully develop and complete renewable energy projects, including battery, energy storage, and solar installations.

Renewable Power Owners Engineering and Construction Monitoring (EPCM) is a service that provides support and oversight for owners of renewable power projects throughout the engineering and construction phase.

Phoventus works with renewable energy project owners to ensure the project is executed according to industry standards and specifications and meets all regulatory requirements.

The service typically includes

1. Engineering support

Phoventus provides technical expertise and guidance to project owners throughout the engineering phase. This may involve reviewing engineering designs, conducting site inspections, and participating in design meetings to ensure that the project is being developed in a technically sound manner.

2. Construction monitoring

Phoventus monitors the construction activities to ensure that they are being carried out correctly and in compliance with the project plans and specifications. This may involve conducting site visits, reviewing construction progress reports, and overseeing quality control and assurance processes.

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3. Regulatory compliance

Phoventus helps project owners navigate the complex regulatory environment in Ontario. The service ensures that all necessary permits and licenses are obtained and that the project is developed in compliance with local, provincial, and federal regulations.

4. Risk management

 Phoventus assists project owners in identifying and managing risks associated with the engineering and construction phase. This includes conducting risk assessments, developing risk mitigation strategies, and providing recommendations to minimize potential delays or cost overruns.

Overall, Phoventus aims to support project owners in effectively managing the engineering and construction of their renewable power projects. Through technical guidance, construction oversight, and regulatory compliance support, Phoventus helps ensure that projects are completed successfully and in accordance with industry standards.

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“Phoventus was a pleasure to work with on the preliminary design of two utility scale ground-mounted solar projects in western Canada. Leveraging their significant industry experience, they provided quality project layouts and energy resource assessments on time and budget. We welcome the opportunity to work with Phoventus soon again. Thanks for all your great work!”
Kolja Vainstein,
P. Eng., Transparent Power Inc.