Microgrids and Remote Power

Microgrids & Islanded Power Engineering

Designing a Canadian Islanded Microgrid involves several vital steps and a comprehensive understanding of the location’s characteristics, energy sources, storage systems, load demand, power management, interconnection, financial considerations, and regulatory requirements.

The process starts by assessing the location’s characteristics, including geographical features, climate, energy demand, available resources, and existing infrastructure, to determine the potential for integrating renewable energy sources and the type of energy storage system required.

Different storage and generation technologies like Lithium Ion batteries ( BESS ) , Solar Power and Wind Energy can be evaluated based on cost, efficiency, and suitability to the specific location. Sophisticated algorithms and control strategies are used to balance supply and demand and maintain stability.

Understanding the regulatory framework and obtaining necessary permits and licenses is crucial. Simulation and testing are carried out to refine the design and identify potential issues.

Once the design is finalized, construction and installation of the microgrid components can begin, followed by regular monitoring, maintenance, and system upgrades to ensure successful implementation and operation.

Prefeasibility and Design Engineering
  • Preliminary engineering, design and studies
  • Capital and operational cost budgeting
  • Environmental constraints assessment, environmental
  • impact assessments and permitting (including
  • government, public and Indigenous consultation)
  • Energy yield assessment
Management Consulting, Contract Review, and Economic Analysis
  • Techno-economic assessments of on-site power generation options
  • Integration studies and synthetic PPA evaluation
    Review of significant agreements and pro forma
Owners Engineering and Installation Supervision
  • Contract reviews
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Preparing and managing specifications
  • Reviewing bids
  • Reviewing contractor performance
“Rob Lydan demonstrates an impressive understanding of the complex technical and commercial implications of integrating renewable power into mining operations. He was able to present this in a way that it could be understood and recommunicated within the organization.”
Russel Blades,
Director - Energy and Climate Change
Barrick Gold

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