Power Engineering Sectors

Phoventus is uniquely positioned in the Power Engineering Sectors; the renewable energy industry, with a team of experienced engineers having decades of experience in their respective fields and proven experience on over 500 Power and renewable energy projects. We bring together an in-depth understanding of the current state of technology and market offerings (Electricity rates, contracted services, subsidies) that directly translates to longstanding stability, profitability, and sustainability of the repowered project. Our services will avail the following unique benefits for clients considering repowering:

  • Unbiased Feasibility Assessment of Project
  • Compliance with Interconnection requirements for Grid services and Energy Storage
  • Comprehensive Review of EPC contracts for warranty reset and viable manufacturer wrap

Our representative experience in providing engineering services for wide-ranging renewable energy, Power, BESS storage, and microgrid projects define our technical stronghold and perceptive approach in facilitating projects. 

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