Development Support

Supporting Ontario E-LT1, LT1 and LT2 Programs

Phoventus today provides extensive pre-feasibility and development support to clients investigating the potential for installation at various properties throughout North America. These investigations include the assessment of setbacks, offsets relative to wetlands or other features, including the alignment with easements or other impediments that may occur on site. In addition, we provide estimates of total energy production capacity within the physical area and estimates of constructability for the site in general before the client engages in a long-term ownership

Our team of experts specializes in supporting Agrivoltics PV, Solar PV Battery Energy Storage BESS, and projects ranging from 4 to 500MW with up to 500 KV interconnection.

We use cutting-edge technology and tools to provide top-notch designs and solutions that meet your needs.

Our company offers various professional services such as Cartographic Map Production, GIS/CAD Mapping, Layout Design, and Data Conversion Migration & Scrubbing. 

We specialize in General Arrangement and Layouts , Drainage Plans & Hydrologic Analysis, and Mapping. Our team assists with Civil and Structural design, Land Use and Zoning, Geology, Soil and subsurface assessment, Right of Way/Easement Analysis, Landslide/liquefaction susceptibility analysis, and ALTA Survey Review. Let us know how we can help you achieve your goals.

Layout & Design

When it comes to designing layouts, we use AutoCad, ArcGIS, ETAP, and PVCad mega to create accurate and efficient layouts that optimize energy production. Our team can also help estimate construction costs, optimize expenses, and conduct pre-feasibility assessments to ensure that your project is feasible and profitable. 


We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and communication skills. Our team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. We work closely with you to ensure our solutions meet your unique needs and requirements.

The nature of the projects requires special consideration of local Environmental and cultural relations.

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1. Layout design (P.V. and BESS PVCad mega) 

2. Construction CAPEX estimates 

3. Cost optimization 

4. Pre-feasibility assessments

5. Tracker and capital component selection 

The nature of the projects requires special consideration of local Environmental and cultural relations.

This includes the development of single line ( SLD ) and related electrical studies required—interconnection applications.

  • GIS/ CAD Mapping
  • Layout Design
  • Drainage Plans & Hydrologic Analysis
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Civil and Structural design and assistance
  • Land Use and Zoning 
  • Geology, Soil and subsurface assessment
  • Right of Way/ Easement Analysis 
  • Landslide/ liquefaction susceptibility analysis 
  • ALTA Survey Review
“Phoventus was a pleasure to work with on the preliminary design of two utility scale ground-mounted solar projects in western Canada. Leveraging their significant industry experience, they provided quality project layouts and energy resource assessments on time and budget. We welcome the opportunity to work with Phoventus soon again. Thanks for all your great work!”
Kolja Vainstein,
P. Eng., Transparent Power Inc.