EV Infrastructure

Electrification and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure; Transportation accounts for a quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), of which almost half comes from passenger cars and light trucks. The Government of Canada is steadfast in its conviction that the electrification of Canada’s light-duty vehicles, as well as a shift to cleaner fuels, are key to the decarbonization of our transportation sector.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty EV Fleets

 A light-duty vehicle is considered as having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than or equal to 3,856 kg. Medium and heavy-duty vehicles are considered as having a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 3,856 kg. Fleet vehicles are owned or leased by an organization and used in support of organizational or business operations and activities. Fleets are composed of multiple vehicles and are managed by common ownership.

Examples of Electrification and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure include light-duty vehicle fleets like fleet of taxis, car rentals, municipal vehicles, car sharing, etc. Examples of medium or heavy-duty vehicle fleets is a fleet of last-mile delivery trucks, school buses, refuse trucks, public utility vehicles, etc.

Support for EV Charging & NZEV

The government has provided over $300 million to support the establishment of a coast-to-coast network of fast chargers as well as charging in more localized areas, such as apartment buildings, streets and workplaces. This investment also includes establishing natural gas refuelling stations along key freight corridors and hydrogen stations in metropolitan centres. The infrastructure resulting from these investments will ensure that people can drive and charge their vehicles across Canada. Support is also given for the demonstration of next-generation charging technologies as well as the development of enabling codes and standards.                                  


Industry Insights
“Phoventus was a pleasure to work with on the preliminary design of two utility scale ground-mounted solar projects in western Canada. Leveraging their significant industry experience, they provided quality project layouts and energy resource assessments on time and budget. We welcome the opportunity to work with Phoventus soon again. Thanks for all your great work!”
Kolja Vainstein,
P. Eng., Transparent Power Inc.